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わしは最近、Stable Diffusionで生成した画像を使って、都市と海のコントラストを表現したアートピースを制作しました。プロンプトは「色鮮やかな海の生き物が、煌びやかなネオンライトの中で揺らめき、賑やかな都会の景色をそびえ立つ。それぞれの生き物は、美しい複雑な模様と細部を持ち、荘厳で感動的です。下には、ストリートに車が走り、古き良きダイナーから未来的なサイバーパンク企業まで何でもアドバタイズしているネオンサインが見える、賑やかな活気溢れる街が広がっています。シーン全体がエネルギーに満ち、海の生き物の美しさは、現実の都会の汚れたリアリティと対照的です。このアートピースは、自然の力と、人工的な世界との共存の素晴らしさを祝福するものであり、見る人に驚きと喜びを与えること必至です」






Hello everyone. My name is Rai.

Recently, I created an art piece that expresses the contrast between the city and the sea using images generated by Stable Diffusion. The prompt says, “The brightly colored sea creatures shimmer in the glittering neon lights, and the bustling urban landscape rises above. Each creature has beautiful intricate patterns and details, and is both majestic and moving. Below, there’s a bustling, vibrant city where cars run on the streets and neon signs advertising everything from good old diners to futuristic cyberpunk companies can be seen. The whole scene is full of energy, and the beauty of the sea creatures contrasts with the grungy reality of a real city. This piece of art celebrates the power of nature and the splendor of coexistence with an artificial world, and is bound to surprise and delight the viewer.”

This prompt was very appealing to me. By placing images of beautiful sea creatures on cities and targets, I think the contrast between nature and the city was greatly enhanced. And I thought that contrast was worth expressing in works of art.

When creating this piece of art, it was important to first express the beauty of sea creatures. By carefully drawing the details of sea creatures, their beauty stood out. I drew images of many fish, jellyfish, and corals, and gazed at the colors and patterns of each creature. The image has the specification that it appears in a sphere called the Earth where fish swim beautifully. This makes it feel like the city and the natural world are in perfect harmony.

But what was most difficult for me was describing the city. The expression of the city was extremely challenging because it was contrary to nature, such as neon-colored lights and artificial buildings. I began with urban sketches and paid attention to the details of the buildings in the images. In addition to that, the busyness of the city was further expressed, such as cars and buses where people move, and neon lights that glow in the dark without natural light. As a result, the depiction of cities has become an important factor in creating the atmosphere of art pieces.

Through this piece of art, I drew the contrast between nature and the city, and I recognized and admired both in it. I was able to express the beauty of the natural world and the vitality of cities. I hope this piece of art will be an opportunity for everyone to see the natural and urban world.

That’s all for the blog post from rai. thank you very much.

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