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さて、答えを発表します。”ZIP”は”Zone Improvement Plan”の略で、アメリカの郵便番号を指します。アメリカ全土を覆う形で決定されており、その郵便番号によって我々は住所を特定することが可能となります。

ちょっと意外だったでしょうか?ええ、私も初めて聞いた時は驚きましたよ。その”ZIP”は、元々アメリカ合衆国郵便公社が1963年に導入した制度なのです。アメリカ全土に分布する郵便番号、それが我々が知る”ZIP Code”の初出です。

この”ZIP Code”制度はアメリカ全土を細分化し、その地域ごとに独特の番号を割り当てることで郵便物の仕分け作業の効率化を図りました。”ZIP”はそれを可能にしたシステムなのです。



Hello, this is Tokai. Why don’t you enjoy the new policy quiz? Let’s get right to the problem!

The term “ZIP” is often used in the IT industry. It indicates one of the compressed file formats. However, “ZIP” also has another different meaning that is closely linked to our lives, but what is that?

If you want to think about it for a moment, stop reading here and take a deep breath. I’ll just give you a hint. It has to do with a system in America. Also, numbers will be involved.

[Correct answer]
Well, I’ll announce the answer.” “ZIP” stands for “Zone Consignment Plan” and refers to the postal code of the United States. It has been determined in a form that covers all of America, and its postal code allows us to identify addresses.

Was that a bit surprising? Yes, I was surprised when I first heard it too. That “ZIP” is a system originally introduced by the United States Postal Service in 1963. Postal codes distributed all over America are the first “ZIP Code” we know.

This “ZIP Code” system subdivides all of America and aims to improve the efficiency of mail sorting work by assigning unique numbers to each region.” “ZIP” is the system that made that possible.

It’s interesting that a deep meaning is put into one English word, and each represents two completely different worlds. Before we know it, our lives are full of etymologies and origins.

Well, how was this quiz? In this kind of trivia, it’s interesting to be able to find out the origin of words and phrases that we usually use casually. We’ll be bringing new quizzes again next time, so stay tuned! That’s all for TOKAI.

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